Kreated Equal Ultra Cozy Faux Fur Colette Slipper

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Good for evenings relaxing with a hot beverage and for short jaunts to the store the Colette Slipper shoes by Kreated Equal have a soft sturdy build that is both comfortable and durable so your feet can stay warm during even the chilliest of nights. Completely cruelty-free these elegant slippers are made with faux fur and faux suede while still retaining all of this material’s softness. Carefully designed with thermoplastic rubber soles these slippers offer great traction and are durable for trips both to the mailbox or for a trip to the grocery store. A sleek useful ergonomic design and low base contribute to the undeniable coziness these slippers provide without sacrificing style. These cozy slippers come in a variety of colors like chestnut black and gray to best accommodate your own personal style. Extremely affordable these slippers make a great gift so you can easily share the gift of comfort to loved ones. Enjoy the winter air comfortably with these Kreated Equal slippers.


ULTRA COZY AND SUPER COMFORTABLE: Thick soft lining and fluffy footbed mean you'll be cozy all winter. These slippers won't disappoint!
100% CRUELTY-FREE: Our slippers are made with faux fur and faux suede; animal-friendly all the way always.
STURDY FOOT & TRACTION: Our thermoplastic rubber soles offer traction and durability so you can wear these slippers to the mailbox or the grocery no issue there!
COLOR VARIETY & SIZING: Slippers are available in chestnut black and grey. They come in sizes S (6-7) M (7-8) L (8-9) and XL (9-10).
GREAT FOR GIFTS: Slippers are the best. Give a nice pair to someone you love.


30 Day Warranty