2-Pack Men's Flannel 2-Pocket Button Down Shirts

Save 63%
The classic button-down shirt is an essential piece of any man's wardrobe. Whether it's something that has to be worn every day for work or the sort of attire that's normally reserved for special occasions every fella needs a few. So why not take this opportunity to grab some Men's Flannel 2-Pocket Button-Down Shirts at an excellent price? There's plenty of options to add to your wardrobe so pick out your favorite style and scoop up this stellar deal now.


  • 2-Pack Men’s long-sleeved dress shirt
  • Materials: 60% cotton 40% polyester
  • Adjustable button cuffs
  • Double-stitched buttons
  • Feature 2 convenient pockets
  • Machine wash cold


30 Day Warranty